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Icon Battle Reminder!

A friendly reminder to our participants that icons for the icon battle are due Wednesday, February 15th at Midnight EST. Let me know if you are having any problems. Please submit to the group thread here.

For those who have already submitted (thank you!)-you have a couple of days to edit your entries should you feel the need to.
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Jan-April Quarter Nominations Open!

The theme for the quarter is: Jane Austen! Any character, adaptation, quotes are acceptable in terms of nominations (please note that previous icons won in the wild category are not eligible to be nominated). Nominations are due on Saturday, April 21st at Midnight EST.

Important: When nominating icons please make sure you nominate with the correct maker. In some cases some makers post at a multi-maker community so giving credit to that community does not help and when the times to notify the winner, it complicates matters if we have to scroll through dozens and dozens of icon posts just to ID the correct winner. Also if a maker has their own icon community give credit to both the maker and their community, not just the community name.

Furthermore, before posting your nominations please check nominations already posted for the quarter to make sure you aren't nominating the same icon in the same category that way your nomination won't go to waste.

Remember winning icons cannot be nominated in the same category they have won but in a different one. To view all winning icons to date see our hall of fame (there are 4 entries). If you need help finding icons to nominate-see our maker's watch list.

Please note: All nominations icons must be still icons-no animation.
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Mod Post: Nominations

I hope everyone has had a good start to the new year and a belated happy 2012 to everyone!

First of all nominations will open this weekend to a slightly different format than we usually use. The categories are the same as well as our cut off time and rules, etc., however; we now will operate on quarter periods. Meaning nominations will be held for 3 months and voting for a month. We hope the new time period will generate more nominations. Remember the survival of costume_awards depends on the participation of our members.

If you enjoy this community, please take a couple moments to snag one of our banners below (or make your own!), and promote it at your own journal or community and help keep us going!

This community is a great way for iconmakers to meet each other, gain recognition for their skill, and it's a great way to appreciate someone who's talent you admire and enjoy.
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Icon Battle Images

I've just sent a PM to those of you currently participating in the icon battle. I did have to rearrange groups and partners, but otherwise it looks pretty good. I can't wait to see what you come up with and you have until Feb. 15th to get your icons in. Have fun!