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This is the award community for all Costume Drama themed icons on livejournal where you can nominate your icons or icons by others. There are a lot of great Costume Drama icons out there and this is the place to pay homage to the makers.

We welcome nominations from any historical / costume period drama up to 1969.

Best in Show - You may only nominate one in this category.

Best Colouring

Best Cropping

Best Use Of Original Text

Best Textless

Best Individual Style - Each maker has their own style, and this is the place to showcase their talent!

Best Painting or Photo - These cannot be from movies, mini-series, etc. They must be from Period Paintings, or Photographs

Best Movie - Icons from Period Movies only; Mini-series icons are now only allowed in the TV Category.

Best TV - Icons from Period Television Shows or Mini Series.

Best Fantasy - Icons from productions such as The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Legend of the Seeker, etc. While "period-esque" they are not truly historical, and thus cannot be nominated in the Best Movie or TV categories.

Best Emotional - Funny, Sad, Peaceful etc..

Most Unique- This can be the style, picture used, etc...

Best Landscape

Best Black and White

Best Couple - Prettiest couple, your fav. couple, interpret this any way you wish!

Best Costume - There are so many gorgeous costumes in art, period dramas, and even period photographs. This is the category where they can be appreciated!

Best Hair - So many period dramas have gorgeous hairstyles, so let's start show casing them!

Best Masculine - You know them when you see them. From Leonidas to Hawkeye, Mr. Darcy to Mr. Rochester, we all have a favourite!

Wild Card - A Theme will be announced and vary from month to month, all Icons under this nomination must match the theme.

To make it easier for you, here is a table you can copy into your post:

View our list of Makers.

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Nomination Guidelines

01. We have several permanent categories and the Wild Card category which is changed every month in which you are able to nominate icons.

02. You must nominate at least three different icon makers.

03. You do not have to nominate in every category, but it is strongly encouraged. You may nominate up to Three icons in each category

04. All icons must meet LJ requirements - Be under 40kb and 100x100 or smaller.

05. Please put all nominations under an lj-cut.

06. You MAY NOT nominate your own icons for nominations.

07. You MUST NOT vote for your own icons during the voting round.

08. Icons that have won in the past are not eligable to win the same category again.

09. When you nominate an icon, please comment in the makers journal so that they are aware that they have the possibility of winning an award!!

10. Upload nominations to your own server, DO NOT HOTLINK icons that you plan to nominate!

11. At the end of each nominations round a "Voting" post will appear. You do not have to vote in each category but it is strongly encouraged.

12. Banners will be available for the winners of each round.

13. Do not nominate an icon if someone else has already nominated it in that category for that round.

14. All Icons must be from a Period Film/Television/Photo/Paintings! (Pre-1960) When in doubt, ask!

15. Please do not nominate any icons with any sort of nudity or profanity in them. (Even abbreviated phrases that contain profanity.) I would like to keep this community family friendly open to those of all ages!

16. When opting not to nominate in a category, instead of deleting the category in your post, please put "No Nominations" under that category instead of icons.


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